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    Hi Enfoldies,

    Iv seen many people have got issues on this topic, but searching the forum and the www didnt help me so far!
    When i want to share my posts on facebook, I use the social share button of enfold and SEO Yoast.
    at the social part of Yoast I upload the picture which needs to be visible at the post on facebook.
    So far so good, but my picture seems te be compressed right away. It looks really horrible.
    I also use facebook debugger, and there I also see the picture is blurry
    I dont know what i do wrong, i v looked for the right settings, sizes, but nothing seems to work.
    My pictures are fine, they look nice when i put them on the post or page at the hompeage as a picture.

    What to do?



    Can you post a screenshot of your view? here’s how it looks on my end –



    Hi Josue
    yes, thats exactly how it looks overhere, you see the fuzzy and blurry colours? When i upload it looks good and smooth,.
    I found out when i upload the image right away on facebook, it also get blurry. But if you click on the picture in facebook than it opens big, and then the picture looks good again.
    I v tried many things, stay under 100 kb upload as png make uge picture, all doesnt work.
    Any idea however this is not an enfold issue?




    You might be better off asking this in a Yoast forum, but this is the image being used in the share screen:, and you’re right, it does look blurry compared to the original. Unfortunately I can’t tell you why though.



    thanks guys, in case I ll find the solution i ll post it overhere!


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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