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    Good afternoon,

    I have a question concerning the pages that we are going to be using during our launch campaign. We have created a general landing page that has all of the elements that we want to communicate with this initial effort. But that leaves over 50 “unused” pages? What should we do with those pages?

    Should we seperate the campaign into several pages Entry page/About Page/Services page/ Blog pages/Contact page

    for SEO optimization?

    Or can we just keep our “Landing Page” as is and SEO around that page only?

    Not sure CEO newbie filling in for my developer!


    Hey MaxMyBody1!

    Did you import the dummy data? You can delete those pages or set it as draft.

    Best regards,


    Thanks for the help Ismael,

    Yes I did import the data, and working from a child theme, so when you say delete those pages: You mean that I can just use the pages that I want from the (ALL PAGES) section that makes sense to me and delete the others. I would only use an About page/ Services page/ Team Members page/ Blogs grid/ Widget page/ Icon List Page.
    So all of the other “47 or so” pages listed under all pages can be deleted?

    When you say set it as a draft, do you mean the “ONE-PAGE” template that I created as a layout draft while I was designing? Are you saying that I can set that page as a draft and have it function as our “Landing Page”?

    Again thank you for the help,

    We are in a bind, 2 weeks to launch and our developer pulls out!
    Doing it ourselves.



    Any page you set as a draft isn’t available publicly. So if you want to keep a page as a reference for its layout you can and it will then not be viewable on the front end or indexed for negative or nonsensical SEO.

    You could also just delete theme if you wanted to clean up your pages area but as long as they are either deleted or set as drafts then they aren’t public pages.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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