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    I’m having troubles with moving the website. I’ve done this multiple times with others, but I seem to run in troubles with all the settings from Enfold. None are in the database tables it seems. I have to set it up all again, but this is kinda troublesome, because I seriously tweaked the styling etc.

    Is there any guide to properly move this theme and all its content and settings?

    Thank you!


    Hi Spiv,

    Using the wordpress export tool should save everything (its the same way the theme dummy data is imported). As far as I know everything is still saved in the options table.





    This sometimes happens when domain name of the old domain and the new one have a different character length. Sounds a little weird I know:

    The option page data is serialized by wordpress and then saved to the database. A serialized string allows you to save arrays and objects of data. the problem is: if you change the serialized string with a search and replace and it doesnt have the same length after the replacement than before it becomes corrupted and will no longer work.

    Most often a user sets

    – a custom logo
    – a favicon
    – adds some background images in the style editor

    all of those are saved with domain name. If you create a sql dump and then search and replace the domain names the options will no longer be valid, thus ignored. You can either just remove the option settings that contain the domain name, then do the search/replace, then import it and then upload your logo/favicon/custom images or you try to get one of the plugins that correctly convert those serialized strings for you like this one: WP MIGRATE DB


    Thanks. This is exactly what I did, search and replace in the sql dump.

    I’m gonna try out the migrate plugin. Thanks for the tip.


    Glad Kriesi could help :)

    I had forgotten about the serialization issue as I started using a migration tool like Kriesi suggested and it just didn’t cross my mind :)

    It should do the trick for you as I’ve been doing it for quite a while on client sites now without issue.



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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