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    I’m about to purchase one of your templates but I like several of them and it’s hard to choose. What if I decide after a couple days that one of your other templates would work better? Can I exchange the one I bought for the other one? If so how?

    thank you



    No, that’s not possible. Afaik Envato only exchanges templates if you’ve a very good reason (eg you bought the html version of a theme but you need the wordpress version, etc.) but they won’t exchange the template because you don’t like it or another template would work better, etc.


    Ok thanks.

    1) On the themes I’m considering (Coherence, Choices, Flagship) the slider only shows on the home page. Is there a way to have the slider or else a static header image on the Blog and pages also?

    2) Can the banner images be made clickable? it seems the actual image and text is not clickable but some of the banner images have a button embedded which is clickable. Do these themes allow me to place such buttons on the banner images?

    3) One theme (Choices) advertises “flying captions” and that looks cool. Do the others (Coherence, Flagship) have flying captions also?




    1) Yes, you can add a slideshow to each post, page, etc. – the blog template/page itself does not support a slideshow. Only the posts (on the blog page) will display a slideshow if you attached images to these posts but you can use the “dynamic template builder” to build a template with a “slideshow element” and a “blog” element. By using this workaround you can build a “blog” page with a slideshow.

    2) I’m not sure what “banner images” are? If you refer to the slideshow(s) – i.e. demonstrated here: – the answer is “yes” (the image with the green leaf + stone is clickable).

    3) No, only Choices comes with flying captions.

    Please note that Kriesi released a new theme today: which is more versatile/flexible than Coherence,Choices,Flagship, etc.


    I want a little bit of a less-formal, more “personal” feel (this will be a personal website to promote myself as a public speaker, including my new teaching series, and eventually books). Will I be able to change the font of titles and main headings in Enfold to something a little bit informal?

    Also is there any way to add a promotional widget anywhere on the header, like a banner add for my book, or to make the slider smaller and have a promotional widget in the right-hand column? I realize that may not be possible but it it were an option it would remove all doubt that this is the theme I’ll go with.

    Thanks for your patience! I’m likely to stick with you guys for my themes in the future since you offer such prompt and thorough tech support.


    Hi Leanna,

    The styling can definitely be done with Enfold but the header widget would need to be custom done. I don’t know exactly what you mean by informal but you can be a very clean simple design like I’ve done using Enfold ( or really big and business filled like in the Demo (

    The layout builder has a ridiculous amount of custom options so I’m fairly certain you will be able to find a layout that will work for you :)



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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