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    Hi there,

    I am using the Event Manager Plugin on a customer’s website. There is a problem with the display in the sidebar widget of this plugin.

    You can see the problem on if you scroll down.
    Under “Kommende Veranstaltungen” the date is not centered in the calendar icon.
    This is the code of the list element:

    <div class="em-item em-event" style="--default-border:#_CATEGORYCOLOR;">
    	<div class="em-item-image {no_image}has-placeholder{/no_image}" style="max-width:120px">
    		<div class="em-item-image-placeholder">
    			<div class="date">
    				<span class="day">#d</span>
    				<span class="month">#M</span>
    	<div class="em-item-info">
    		<div class="em-item-name">#_EVENTLINK</div>
    		<div class="em-item-meta">
    			<div class="em-item-meta-line em-event-date em-event-meta-datetime">
    				<span class="em-icon em-icon-calendar"></span>
    				<span>#j #M #y</span>
    			<div class="em-item-meta-line em-event-location em-event-meta-location">
    				<span class="em-icon em-icon-location"></span>

    Can anybody help?

    Thanks a lot.


    Hey Wollenhaupt,
    Try this CSS in your Enfold Theme Options ▸ General Styling ▸ Quick CSS field:

    .sidebar .em.em-events-widget .em-item-image .em-item-image-placeholder {
        min-width: 70px;

    After applying the css, please clear your browser cache and check.

    Best regards,

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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