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    I’m not quite sure how to explain this “simply” —

    I am using Event Espresso and enfold 2.4.2
    The functionality I am having trouble with in Enfold is working fine in a default wordpress theme (i.e., 2013)

    Problem: on most of the Event Espresso shortcode created content, the formatting is getting “messed up” by Enfold.
    Meaning: button colors and spacing are being “messed up”.
    Here’s the weird thing! — certain pages auto-generated by Event Espresso are working fine.
    I’m trying to figure out how to get the shortcode pages to display okay as well.

    Here are the steps:
    1. Click on an event link from the calendar ( i.e., )
    the default CSS formatting from event espresso is getting overwritten and not lookin “good”.
    (You’ll see what I mean by “good” at Step 6, below)

    What should it look like?
    2. To see, do the following:
    2.1 — enter a first name, last name and email address (bogus is fine) :-)
    2.2 — click “add additional attendee”
    2.3 — enter a second first, last and email (bogus is fine)

    3. click submit (notice ugly/bad css formatted “submit” button…)

    4. This verify registration screen is also getting CSS conflicts. —
    You can tell because “confirm registration” button is not formatting properly.

    5. Click on “Edit” next to the second attendee name.

    6. When you get to the Edit Registration page, this page is formatting properly.
    Can you tell me why this page is formatting properly, and how do I get the rest of the Event Espresso pages to format the same way?

    Thank you! : )


    ## This item can be closed ##

    Event Espresso has a “themeroller” custom CSS themer built-in and I didn’t realize it was the themeroller options that was breaking it. — Even though I tested it on two different servers!!

    : (
    Thanks guys! ; )

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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