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    What is the best free event calender widget that you know that works great with enfold.
    Simple and clean I would prefer.


    Hey studioinktvis!

    You can try this one – http://tri.be/shop/wordpress-events-calendar/
    It is fully compatible with Enfold



    I’m gonna use this topic to say that even tho this is a great plugin, I have a question about being fully compatible with Enfold.

    I have installed The Event Calendar on my site and wanted to use the Avia Template Builder on it.
    Ok, changed the config so it would appear on the custom post type. Worked.
    But if I use the Advanced Layout Editor on an event, when I publish it, the options from the Plugin doesn’t show! It appears like a normal page. The only “workaround” I could do was enabling the debug mode, copying the shortcodes and pasting them “outside” the Advanced Layout Editor.
    Unfortunately I can’t ask my client to do that… Agreed?

    So, any thoughts on how to enable Advanced Editor keeping the Plugin options like on the event page?




    Have you tried updating Enfold to the latest version 3.0.2? – http://kriesi.at/documentation/enfold/updating-your-theme-files/

    Best regards,


    Hey Ygit!

    Just did and still get the same problem.
    If I activate and use Avia Template Builder in a theme, the events information just disappear. :(
    To use them both (events plugin and Avia template builder) I need to use the themes shortcodes.


    Hi @scaico,

    Can you please create us a WordPress administrator account? post it here as a private reply.


    This reply has been marked as private.


    I created an Event called “Test” with ALB but the Events Calendar boxes still appear at the bottom as expected – http://screencast.com/t/y1cqgeDLDIVk

    Best regards,


    Hi Josue, I recently ran into this issue. The problem isn’t that the event calendar boxes don’t appear on the editing interface, but that a number of event calendar outputs, including the event details, ticket interface, and calendar links don’t appear on the post when viewed by users, if ALB was used to create the event. I’m using the latest version of Enfold and Events Calendar. As soon as I switch the post back to the standard editor and resave, these features appear on the post. Can you have a look?



    Hi Ken!

    That’s the expected result, when you activate ALB on a Post/Page/Event it will convert that into an empty canvas so those event-specific features would need to be manually rebuild using ALB.



    Hi Josue, that would make sense, except there is no way to rebuild those event-specific features using ALB. There are no ALB widgets for event details, tickets or calendar links. There are also no shortcodes for those items either.



    That’s correct, there are no Events shortcodes yet (request them here as a new feature). When i said “manually” i was referring to using Text Blocks / Tabs / etc and inputting the single event meta data manually there. I know this can be a bit of a pain but that’s why ALB is not enabled for Events by default.



    Hi Scaico.
    you wrote : “Ok, changed the config so it would appear on the custom post type. Worked.”

    But how you did this? I am not able to activate ALB for Events Calendar




    Refer to:

    Best regards,

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