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    Daniel Tekhaus


    We’re an agency and plan to use the Enfold theme in the future. Right now, there are a lot of changes regarding the privacy policies in Europe and the question is if Kriesi with their Enfold theme is going to adress some of the changes and emchanics the new laws require? For example, I saw that the theme added a cookie notice recently – but will there ever be a opt-in/out solution for cookies? Any other planned changes or tips regarding the enfold theme in relation to the new laws? We’re an agency based in germany so the new laws are of utmost importance for us.

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    We will add several GDPR related features with the Update to version 4.4. However, disabling Cookies is not one of them. After attending several Workshops and consulting a lawyer as well there are 2 reasons for that:

    – Enfold cookies are no tracking cookies. they do not store any user data and are only used to set website behavior. (actually enfold does not really use cookies itself, apart from the breadcrumb navigation in conjunction with portfolio pages. we will disable setting this cookie is the breadcumb nav is disabled)
    – Disabling cookies is, from what we have been told, a feature that should be mentioned in your data security policy but since the web browser has the capabilities to disable them there is no need for websites to implement that feature individually.

    Please mind that this is what we have been told by people who are well versed in this subject, but its of course no legal advice. As you probably know a lot of the information that is out there is highly debated, and if it turns out that any of this is required we will change it.



    Thank you for the fast answer.


    You got it ;)

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