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    I noticed a bug in the backend on the post overview page, when I want to click on the “quick edit” button or on the tab “help” or “Ansicht anpassen” – nothing happens. Strange thing, on “pages” that bug does not show up.

    This bug has something to do with the Essential Grid Plugin and Enfold theme. I tested the Essential Grid theme with a default wp theme (such as nineteen) and it was working fine. As soon as I turned to Enfold or Enfold child theme – it was not working anymore resp. nothing happens when clicked on the tabs or link.

    But when you click into a post detail view, and click on the “Ansicht anpassen” tab – then that tab works.
    The “quick-edit” function on edit.php page is very useful and should work also with the plugin essential grid. Can you have look into this?

    Also when you turn to “pages” (wp-admin/edit.php?post_type=page) – there the quick edit link functions well. no problem at all. Hmm..

    many thanks in advance,


    Hey Sue

    First of all: I am just a participant like you who saw your post. This means I can’t see your private content if you have posted anything there.

    Secondly, I do not know the essential grid plugin. However, if it breaks WordPress core features such as “Quick Edit” and “Help” this is not a good sign for the plugin itself in my opinion. These two features have nothing to do with Enfold.

    Please provide some more technical details:

    • WordPress core version
    • Enfold version
    • PHP version




    Thanks for the login details, I see some error messages related to what I at least think is the plugin you are referring to. Could you try reaching out to the plugin developers first please? Also note that the theme cannot be compatible with all plugins out there.

    Best regards,

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