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    ich wollte die deutsche Übersetzung der 404 Fehlerseite etwas anpassen. Eine Zeile habe ich hinzugefügt, die wird in der englischen Version auch korrekt angezeigt. In der deutschen Sprachversion wollte ich noch eine Text-Änderung machen von “Du” zu “Sie”.
    Ich habe dafür den neuen Text in de_DE.po Datei eingefügt, wie hier beschrieben:
    Aber die neue Übersetzung greift nicht und die neue Zeile wird nur in Englisch angezeigt.
    Könnt ihr mir sagen, was noch falsch ist?

    Wie hier beschrieben
    habe ich auch ausprobiert, die formale Sprachversion direkt über die WP Einstellungen auszuwählen, aber auch dann wurde die “Du” Version unverändert dargestellt.


    Das selbe Problem habe ich auch bei der loop-search.php
    Der geänderte Text aus der de_DE.po Datei wird nicht übernommen.



    Could you please let us know your question in English?

    Best regards,


    I wanted to edit the German translation of the 404 error page from “du” to “Sie” (more formal).
    I did the changes in de_DE.po
    But it does not work and also a the new line is only displayed in English. The same problem I have with the loop-search.php

    As described here
    I also tried to select the formal language version directly from the WP settings, but it didn´t work.

    Can you tell me what’s wrong?
    Thank you.


    Sorry for the late reply, you will see that there are actually two files for the language .po & .mo. The .po file is the “human readable” version, the .mo file is the “machine readable” version actually used by WordPress. So, if the .po is updated nothing will actually change until the corresponding .mo file is also updated.
    You can do this with the Poedit software, here is an article explaining how to do this.
    Please let us know if this helps.

    Best regards,


    Hi Mike, thank you.
    I could translate everything with the Poedit software.

    In loop-search.php and error404.php I added a new sentence: ‘Or contact us and we will answer your question.’
    This sentence always appears in English, also in the German version. See links below. How can I change that?
    It was not automatically taken into enfold.pot.
    Kind regards,


    Glad you were able to translate everything with the Poedit.
    To be clear are you replacing text with your “new sentence” or adding a totally “new sentence”?
    If it’s a new line of code and sentence, please try to add only in your language.

    Best regards,


    Hi Mike,
    i added a complete new code line underneath the original:

  • <?php _e(‘Or contact us and we will answer your question.’, ‘avia_framework’); ?>
  • If i write it in my language, i have the problem in the English language version. -> We have a website with 2 language-versions from Polylang Plugin.
    Is there a way to show the correct translation for each version?
    Kind regards,



Thanks for the update.

Did you specify the exact line in the .po file where the code is? Example:

# @ avia_framework
#: includes/error404.php:31 includes/loop-search.php:137
msgid "Or contact us and we will answer your question."

Since you appended it at the very last of the list, the code should be on line 31. Don’t forget to sync or compile the language file after adding the translation.

If you don’t want to edit the file manually, you can use the Loco Translate plugin.


Best regards,


Thank you Ismael,
it works now!

Best regards,



Awesome! Glad it worked. Please don’t hesitate to open a new thread if you need anything else.

And if you have the time, please take a moment to review our theme and show your support
For future reference, don’t forget to bookmark the Enfold Documentation.

Have a nice day!

Best regards,

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