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    Morning. I have installed 4.8.7 this morning on a site. (see private data).

    Update looks solid however I have spotted one bug:

    The accessability score has fallen since updating.

    The Socket Menu is displaying the following Error when tested in Lighthouse Google Chrome Dev Tools:

    [role]s are not contained by their required parent element
    Some ARIA child roles must be contained by specific parent roles to properly perform their intended accessibility functions.

    Please can you advise?


    This error also applies to the main menu in the header when desktop tests are ran.

    But only occurs in the socket during mobile testing.

    Both need investigating if you can.





    I had a look into it.

    I added to header menu:

    <ul id="avia-menu" role="menu" class="menu av-main-nav">

    But this does not solve the problem, in contrary I get the additional message:

    Elements with an ARIA [role] that require children to contain a specific [role] are missing some or all of those required children.

    But we have a structure:

    – role=”menu”
    — role=”menuitem”

    I did not dig into the ARIA, but at the moment I have no idea how to solve this or what is wrong.

    And also – Example Code at bottom is built in a similar structure.

    Best regards,


    Thanks Gunter,

    It doesnt matter too much because there is no actual visible problem on the website – but under Web Vitals or Lighthouse testing it brings the accessibility score into orange from what was a 90 – 99 score.

    I wasn’t sure if there was a problem or not as I saw a lot of changes in the 4.8.7 changelog relating to Aria.

    I’ve rolled out 4.8.7 to all customer sites with no issues. It seems to have sped up most of the sites slightly in practice.

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    Glad to hear that you had no problems with the update.

    We keep an eye on the accessibility and ARIA – lets see if we get more feedback from other users.

    Have a nice weekend.

    Best regards,

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