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    We have a problem with ”Equal height”-columns.
    We have updated to Enfold 2.0.
    Please see credentials in private content.
    Btw – we like the theme very much :)


    Hey Jake,

    Enfold 2.0 is really old.
    Please update to enfold version 4.0+ and let us know if the issue will be solved.

    Best regards,


    Hey Basilis,

    I meant 4.2 not 2.0.
    So we are using the latest version of Enfold.

    Really looking forward to your answer!



    can you disable the cache of the site please?

    Best regards,


    Hope to hear from you soon, since I would very much like to enable the cache again asap.



    Sorry for the late reply – my team mate missed to tag this topic for me and I’m not working in the forum on a regular base.

    Thank you for enabling the debug mode.

    I copied the shortcode to my working environment and can reproduce the problem. This helps me to locate the error.

    As soon as I have the fix I will be back.

    Best regards,



    I could locate the problem.

    I do not know why but in the first section the shortcode end tag for the first special header “Udgivelser” was missing and after that was a textblock with:

    Synes du ikke, at du får nok ud af et enkelt dagskursus? Eller har du nogle unikke behov i din virksomhed? Vil du gerne selv sammensætte et kursusforløb, som er tilpasset til dig? Så har du muligheden nu.

    Hos Kursusfabrikken tilbyder vi tilpassede kursusforløb, der sammensættes ud fra dine ønsker og behov. Kontakt os for at høre mere om dine muligheder.

    and another special heading with:

    Få en underviser på besøg

    I added the missing shortcode end tag, updated the page and now the columns return fine.

    You can now edit the page as usual.

    Best regards,


    Hi Günter,
    Thanks a lot!!
    Yes, I mentioned this in my first post (PC). I find it very strange and the textblock+title is on multiple pages.
    But I will just add the missing end tag and delete the “hidden” textblock and title.

    Thank you very much – I really appreciate the fast reply from you!



    I would recommend not to touch the shortcode directly.

    If a page makes problem only check the shortcode in the debug window, but delete the content inside the section (or the complete section if something remains inside) and rebuild everything using drag and drop – this is the safest way.

    Best regards,

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