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    I bought enfold years ago and I still use it.
    After a dispute I got my account locked and despite they didn’t answer PayPal, they ask me now pay again to have my account reopened
    There are many other with this problem, so if you don’t do something, you will start having problems.
    Enfold gives support for life for any theme update. But if envato manages my account I won’t be able to get updates, despite I have pay them….
    Find a solution please.
    Waiting for your answer


    Hey Yago,

    Thanks for contacting us!

    Due to our agreement, we have to follow Envato’s rules and lifetime updates is one of them. We sell our theme exclusively on Envato/ThemeForest and since they manage download and purchase processes, unfortunately we cannot help with your account there. We only provide technical support for our theme.

    We hope you get your account issues resolved soon!

    Best regards,



    I’m YOUR customer no matter who managed the selling.
    If you are happy to ignore your buyers to protect whoever managed your sales….is up to you but you will defined stop selling very soon.
    There are already hundreds of complaints about this.
    Obviously is up to you, I. Will just swap theme and happy days


    Hi Yago,

    Our responsibility is to make sure our theme is working as promised and it does. Whenever users have an issue or question, we help them here and the rest is handled by Envato/ThemeForest.

    I understand your frustration and really wish we could help with your Envato account but unfortunately we are simply not able.




    Haha fair enough. I’ll swap theme, is not like I’m gonna die. In fact enfold loads in 100 years so…it’s a good time to get a fresh fast load and updated for 2021 theme.
    Its been a pleasure this …19 years with you.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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