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    Well I have viewed the site before on mobile safari and desktop safari on a mac and never noticed this issue before. However today I loaded safari on my windows because I had some complaints about the site not appearing properly for certain people (ended up being my w3 total cache plugin causing the problem) however, when I got this resolved I noticed that the icons were not showing up correctly. They appear in Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and so on, but do not show up correctly in Safari. Some of them appear, yet some of them don’t…


    Same problem here



    I tested the theme and the icons show properly on Safari browser. I’m using a Windows machine. Let me tag this to Devin and Kriesi.




    This is what it looks like for me.


    I ran a virtual machine running OSX Mountain Lion and was able to view the website correctly. As well as on my friends MAC running safari as well. Both worked fine. So it could be an issue per computer however my coworker loaded the website on his pc using safari and had the same issue.


    Hey! I am sorry but I do not support safari for windows. Its a great browser on Mac but it really sucks on windows and the user share shows ;D At this point I am not even sure if it is still in development or already discontinued.

    If you find an issue on mobile safari or safari on mac let us know and I will gladly try to fix it tough :)


    Just an aside, Safari is no longer supported on Windows by Apple as far as I know.


    Thanks, I just figured I would bring it to your attention. There’s no telling how confused an individual running safari on windows is anyways. The amount of effort it actually takes to even get safari on windows anymore is slightly absurd.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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