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    is it possible in any way to change this dark grey color of the “transition bricks”, when the images of the Advanced Layer Slider “change”?
    I’ve found, that I can change the background of the slider, but these grey parts of the image transitions?

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    For a bigger view (Purchase code hidden if logged out) /2948390cefd1c8325cea19c380ef5760/res/ (Purchase code hidden if logged out) /xxx.jpg?resizeSmall&width=832″ title=”Screenshot”>see screenshot here in my EVERNOTE »

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    I’m not really clear on what you mean. Is it part of one of the transition effects or something else? The image isn’t coming through or is locked so I’m not able to see the reference.



    sorry, Evernote seems not to be the best solution for sharing screenshots. Here again:

    The grey blocks, that I mean, are obviously part of the transitions.


    Oh, no I don’t think they are changeable. You could try emailing the LayerSlider guys directly but I don’t know of any setting or anything like that.


    thanks, Devin, I will contact them. By the way: how can I ensure to always have the newest update of this slider plugin?


    Updates are included with each update of the theme as long as it remains stable and working as is. For instance right now there is a newever version of LayerSlider but it has not been tested by Kriesi fully because he is waiting on the initial bug fixes to get added in by the plugin authors.


    for everyone who is interested: The color of the “transition bricks” is defined in the file
    wp-content > uploads > layerslider.custom.css

    /* Side color of 3D objects */
    .ls-3d-box div { background: #777; }

    If I remember it right this CSS file does not exist by default.
    I will be created by the LayerSlider WP plugin after going to
    LayerSlider WP > CSS Editor

    I’m using Enfold Version 3.1.3



    Thank you, Claus, works like a charm …

    I add

    /* Side color of 3D objects */
    .ls-3d-box div { 
    	background: #ADA7AF !important; 

    to my custom.css and now the LayerSlider “bricks” are in my own defined color, in this case: turquoise instead of this odd grey :-)


    You’re welcome, colorit2


    Hey @larrylayouter!

    Thanks for sharing the solution, much appreciated!



    @rikard: You’re welcome … de rien … gern geschehen ;)

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