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    Just bought the Enfold theme and was messing around with it for about a half hour. Then I decided I wanted to start over from scratch. Now my website ( looks crazy! Everything is out of alignment, misplaced, and generally just wrong.

    I just want to completely reset my page. I tried uninstalling the theme, deleting it, and reinstalling, and it gave me the same page anyway. I also tried to import the dummy data again as well, and I think that’s making it worse.

    I’m not a pro at WordPress, but I just need to know how to reset back to the basic theme I had when I first imported the dummy data.



    Hi WardenCliff,

    Unfortunately with wordpress there is no global reset on theme options except for deleting the database data for that specific theme. So you could re-install your wordpress database over again or just delete all your pages, posts, images, menu items and at that point re-importing the dummy data would be a somewhat soft reset.

    Make sure that when you delete your posts and pages that you also clear your pages trash so that you don’t get blog-2, somepage-2 for the url pretty permalink names.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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