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    It’s possible my issues are strictly Yoast SEO related but they may be Enfold’s as well.

    Issue #1 – Yoast SEO gives the Analysis Results “Image alt attributes: No images appear on this page. Add some!” for everyone of my pages WITH images. I have added appropriate, descriptive “Functional Image” alt attributes to every image using the Media Library and Yoast’s own guides. So why am I still getting this issue?? If I switch to the Default Editor on each page, the alt text is not present for any image. This also leads to my next issue.

    Issue #2 – The majority of my images, which are company logos, link to their respective company. Yet Yoast SEO reads that my pages have NO Outbound links. Do these links have to be text in order for Yoast to see Outbound Links??

    Example page: ASV Sales – Distributors

    Hope you can help. Thanks.
    Jason A.


    Hey jahnetik,

    Yea, this is an issue with Yoast plugin on how it understands the area there.
    Not a solution exists right now, but compatibility is something that we are looking to work it out.

    Best regards,


    Have you worked it out? Compatibility with YOAST would be a really good feature. It used to be compatible, but it was kind of lost. With YOAST being one of the best SEO plugins around, the compatibility is kind of essential.
    We see issues that YOAST does not see links that are embedded in buttons, button row, and single buttons. YOAST has published what Kriesi (and other theme builders) need to do to help YOAST to see the content correctly. Would you please get into this?



    There is no official support about this right now, we have the plugin that I have suggested previously.

    Best regards,

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