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    Hi all,
    two issues about Enfold + WPML:

    1) I made my website in italian and now I need to translate it in other languages. I chose Enfold because it’s WPML-ready and above all for its advanced layout builder. Now, I’d like to understand how to translate all my pages and portfolio entries built with the advanced layout builder without cloning each page for every language. If this is not possible, you should NOT call this theme WPML-ready, in my opinion.

    2) How can I turn off the four flags in the right corner of my menu and leave only the drop down menu with flag+language? (see picture)


    Hi Gianmarizzi,
    actually, I think this is much more a WPML question than an enfold question.
    I have translated one customer project in DE/EN using WPML and enfold and the effort is minimal.
    However, you are right that all posts/pages exist in 2 versions after the translation. So there is no sync-ing between versions after you created the duplicate for the other language.

    You can manage the settings for languages and flags in the settings of WPML.

    WPML and enfold work nicely together in my case.



    Hi Frank, thanks for answering.
    I don’t care if content exists in more versions, as long as I don’t have to clone every single page (I mean the layout).
    Can you please tell me how you managed that?
    Regarding the flags, I’m trying all but without success.


    Ciao gianmarizzi,

    have you seen these guides?

    In your blog you create a new page/post (or edit an existing one).
    After installation of WPML you have new option (upper right hand corner) “language”. There you can duplicate the exiting page and start editing the translation.

    After duplication of the page you might have to re-enable once again the advanced layout editor (if you really want to) as your layout tags might be visible as raw tags. The advanced layout editor is a (nice!!) editor, but in the background everything gets stored with layout tags.

    Have fun,



    Btw – you can also save existing advanced layout templates if you don’t want to use the WPML duplicate feature: http://www.screenr.com/ee97



    Ok, I discovered how to duplicate content and translate it. But the result is awful, the new page (i.e. the page translated) has some issues:
    1) in the sidebar I have my top menu
    2) the language selector disappears
    3) The widget Enfold Latest News – which is in my footer – disappears


    BTW, I still cannot understand (or discover) how to turn off those flags in the top right corner of my menu (see picture)



    1) You need to translate the menus too (Appearance > Menus). If you use a custom menu widget you need to use the widget logic plugin to translate it – see: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -language/?aid=8271&affiliate_key=K9b6X1wRp9SS” rel=”nofollow”>http://wpml.org/2011/03/ (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -language/

    3) Because the widget will just show posts from the current selected language. You can translate the widgets though (see 1) ).

    You can remove this flags easily – open up header.php an delete

    					* Hook that can be used for plugins and theme extensions (currently: the wpml language selector)

    Best regards,

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