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    is there a way to insert the Layer Slider to the Startpage of the Shop (using WooCommerce) and the Product-Pages?

    Please tell me not that there is no possibility. It was one of the big reasons why I choose enfold (it´s a really great theme), because with this Plugin on the Shoppages, you can do very interesting things to show your products in advance to your customizers…

    If you look here

    at home v8, there is a startpage with the LayerSlider… But it seems that this is not the shop??



    Hi comitzuu!

    Yes, it is possible. Just create a page, switch to Advance Layout Builder. Insert the LayerSlider first then go to Plugin Additions tab. Insert the Product Grid element. Set this page as Shop page on Woocommerce > Settings > Pages > Shop Base Page.

    Best regards,


    Hi Ismael,

    that´s the best answer I have hear the last weeks… :)

    But it seems that there is a problem with this setup. I want the Shop-Strat-Page at:

    1. As long as I do not set the Shop Base Page to Shop, it works fine with the Slider and the Grid.

    But after I set Shop Base Page to Shop, this is the result:

    No Slider, 2 Grids and a sidebar that I don´t want…

    2. How can I set the Layer Slider at a Product-Page? In the Options you can´t see the Layer Slider. There is just the Easy Slider to see…

    Best regards

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    1.) It doesn’t matter if you set it as Shop Base Page. It will work like a normal shop page.

    2.) You can’t add a layerslider on a single product page.

    Best regards,

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