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    I bought the Enfold Theme license (in fact 2) because I thought it would be great for my travel site, to use woo commerce and WMPL translation. However, WMPL is not able to translate my product pages.

    When I submit my product page for translation, I get the following error:

    Batch # 1
    (13) Batch doesn’t contain any jobs
    Rollback jobs…
    Batch rolled back

    My first step was to contact the WMPL/icanlocalize support is telling my that the page is not in proper format.

    This is their claim:

    Hi, this is Ahmed Ibrahim for the technical support team.

    I have checked your content and found that your site builder is adding some scripts with the CDATA blocks to the content of the document and this will not let the document pass the XLIFF validation layer. we are following the general validations rules to make sure that the XLIFF file is valid, and you can check the validation of your file using this site :

    You will find the two files attached below, please update your content and remove this CDATA block and try to resend again, if you can’t update the content please send us the pages content at a word files and we will send it to the translator then will send you the translated content and you can then add it manually.

    I bought the Theme so that I could use WMPL. If I have to translate pages using a word document there is no point in me spending money on advanced themes and the wmpl plugin. Can you see what is wrong? Webpage and credentials are sent in private.


    Hey KingTours,

    Could you try to update your theme to the latest version (3.6.1) to see if that helps please?

    Best regards,

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    I’m actually in version (3.7.1) now. The error message is now:

    Batch # 1
    (24) Wrong format of an XLIFF file
    1 items in basket:
    – post(s): 1

    The log file of the batch reads this:

    08/31/2016 02:03:40 pm – call – – {“api_version”:1.1,”project_id”:2595,”batch_id”:4974,”accesskey”:”UNDISCLOSED”,”job”:{“file”:”UNDISCLOSED”,”word_count”:2410,”title”:”Toronto City Tour with Boat Tour”,”cms_id”:”product_3350_en_de”,”url”:”https:\/\/\/product\/toronto-bus-and-boat-tour\/”,”translator_id”:”541″,”note”:”- Translation does not need to be precise. Preference is given to grammar and flow.\n- Please add \”Tour language is in English. Recorded audio in German may available. \””,”source_language”:”en”,”target_language”:”de”}}
    08/31/2016 02:03:40 pm – response – {“status”:{“code”:24,”message”:”Wrong format of an XLIFF file”,”debug”:”Extra content at the end of the document”},”response”:{“status”:{“code”:24,”message”:”Wrong format of an XLIFF file”,”debug”:”Extra content at the end of the document”},”response”:null}}

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    We checked the product pages and they are created with the advance layout builder. The xliff file should contain raw text in order to be translated properly. Unfortunately, this type of translation is not going to work with any advance page builder out there. Translating pages with the advance layout builder is the same when using the visual composer so this short article might help:

    Also, these threads, although different themes and plugin, might clear things out:

    Best regards,


    I don’t really understand. You advertise that the theme supports WPML except, now you are telling me it won’t be able to translate because the theme uses an advanced layout builder?

    Your solution is to copy the page and manually change the content to the new language? I don’t need a plugin to do that.



    as WPML writes:

    As for the future WPML team is working on a new interface for translating texts in page builders. When this is ready, you will be able to use a single instance of the page builder, for all languages, and translate its texts with WPML.

    So you need to wait until WPML team is ready for themes with page builders. I’m sure they’re working hard on it.

    Best regards,

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