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    Hi there!

    I am using Enfold with a child theme and Woocommerce.
    Now, i would like to do some templating on some pages like single product page and catalogue/overview page.

    Normally, you have do create a directory named “woocommerce” in your theme-directory.
    There you can put in the needed files and edit them. This will override the files in /plugins/woocommerce/templates/…

    But it seems, that this is not working with Enfold-Child-Theme…?

    So, simple question, where and how do edit woocommerce templates correctly (update/upgrade safe)?



    Hi freddyB!

    To change the default look / layout you can edit the functions and filters in /enfold/config-woocommerce/config.php. Is there something specific your trying to do?




    I have the same issue, all custum settings and tweeks are not applyed anymore?
    other have the same problem now:


    Nice to see some movement here, I started this thread in Woocommerce forum that is linked above. I am overriding quite many Woocommerce templates, which is a very normal procedure, for many reasons.

    I haven’t checked the enfold config file, but this is for sure no exchange for the functionality provided by overriding all Woocommerce templates!



    In my case i need to make a custom “prefix” on the price on template for category, single product and variable product but not in the basket.
    How do i fix that when custom templates not arre apple to overwrite?



    Take a screenshot and highlight what your trying to do so we can get a better idea.

    Best regards,



    I edited this page in the original woo templates. the overriding templete is places i child theme but it is not overriding original files when loged in to wordpress only when loged out.


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    image ling to prew..

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    Elliot, I would really not know what meaningful to show in a screenshot here. We are talking about php files, that Woocommerce uses from a folder “Woocommerce” within the theme, when it finds them there. So, one makes a copy of the php file that you want to override, copy it to your theme folder under “Woocommerce”, change whatever you need, that’s it.

    Although Woocommerce finds all of these files (it shows under status all overrides), some of them are finally not used at all.

    In my case:
    The templates are meta.php and price.php in
    my overrides are located in

    Whatever I changed in my override file, it had no impact at all, it was obviously not used (it worked perfectly fine some months ago). I changed now for the most important parts to use filters and hooks in functions.php instead, but this is not possible for all changes needed, as I am partly e.g. simply changing strings in the php files, where no hooks are available. I am overriding 18 template files on one website currently, and honestly – as some changes are minor – I cannot say for sure which parts are not taken at all, as I am currently busy with other things.



    , Your probably looking for the code around line 190 in the /enfold/config-woocommerce/config.php file.

    , That’s correct, we do not use template files. We use the Woocommerce filters. You can find them all in the file I mentioned to customcms. Your trying to change something about the price?

    Best regards,



    how is it possible to overwrite the woocommerce template files?

    Thanks and kind regards



    I don think i can insert a line break or change the font by a hook in ajax price options…
    I believe it is an good setup you make but need an option to enable/disable the use of custom template files..



    @tsmedia, Like said before we use the filters and not template files. It would take a lot of customization to switch that so it would be best to hire a freelancer to help you out. Keep in mind that you can use our advanced layout builder on the products to create any type of layout you need.

    , Send us a link to your page and take a screenshot highlighting exactly what your trying to do and we’ll take a look.



    @Elliot, I am pretty busy at the moment, so I am late to reply.

    I am a bit confused by your statement “Like said before we use the filters and not template files. It would take a lot of customization to switch that

    Woocomerce is using templates, it is a key feature imo. And enfold should simply not block this feature of Woocommerce, that’s all. How can it be that a theme is overriding a basic functionality of a (major) plugin so dramatically? Especially as this was not the case before, the problems started some weeks months ago, before that there was not problem.

    One example of what I am doing: In order-details.php I override the two lines:

    			<th class="product-name"><?php _e( 'Product', 'woocommerce' ); ?></th>
    			<th class="product-total"><?php _e( 'Total', 'woocommerce' ); ?></th>


    			<th class="product-name"><?php _e( 'Object', 'woocommerce' ); ?></th>
    			<th class="product-total"><?php _e( 'Bid', 'woocommerce' ); ?></th>

    I guess this could be done in different way, but it is very simple and easy that way.

    Another example, in customer-processing-order.php I exchanged

    			<th class="td" scope="col" style="text-align:left;"><?php _e( 'Product', 'woocommerce' ); ?></th>
    			<th class="td" scope="col" style="text-align:left;"><?php _e( 'Quantity', 'woocommerce' ); ?></th>
    			<th class="td" scope="col" style="text-align:left;"><?php _e( 'Price', 'woocommerce' ); ?></th>


    			<th scope="col" style="text-align:left; border: 1px solid #eee;"><?php _e( 'Art Object', 'woocommerce' ); ?></th>
    			<th scope="col" style="text-align:left; border: 1px solid #eee;"><?php _e( 'Lot', 'woocommerce' ); ?></th>
    			<th scope="col" style="text-align:left; border: 1px solid #eee;"><?php _e( 'Bid', 'woocommerce' ); ?></th>

    Last example, in review-order.php I drop the whole block

    		<tr class="cart-subtotal">
    			<th><?php _e( 'Subtotal', 'woocommerce' ); ?></th>
    			<td><?php wc_cart_totals_subtotal_html(); ?></td>

    as I do not want a subtotal to be shown.

    So for me it is mainly descriptions and/or formatting that I change. Currently I do not know which template overrides are still working and which not (this website is used exactly twice per year), I will have to replicate to the test server, and perform some tests – which is a pity, because I have to spent a lot of time to check something that worked perfectly well before.

    So, beside my lack of understanding why this issues pops up now suddenly, it would be very helpful to at least know which overrides are still working, and which not (and why). The structure of the Woocomerce templates is relatively easy to understand, while having to go through your 1.700 lines functions.php would be a totally new task, and honestly I do not understand why we as users have to deal with this now (suddenly). Where is the benefit?


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    First off create a new topic and then send us a link to the page and take a screenshot highlighting the exact changes your trying to do and we’ll see if we can help you out.

    Best regards,


    Elliott, with all due respect, but what is this now, keep the user busy with useless requests? I can make my own topic here for sure, although all participants are twisting around exactly the same problem here – the fact that Enfold obviously STOPPED supporting the overruling of Woocommerce templates, which did work perfectly well some months ago. And again, what screenshot do you want from me, when you already have the php code that I changed? Some of the templates take care of the emails sent to clients, shall I make a screenshot of the email produced!?

    I have to check first which of the remaining template(s) make(s) issues, after I moved already several things to functions.php – which is a pity that Kriesi, as the source of the change, cannot tell me that!

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