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    I’m hoping you can help me with a few things, I upgraded from 2.4.5 to 2.6.1…and it blew up some things…and my head hurts from trying to fix them!

    This is in regards to the following work site:

    1) I lost some “call this number” stuff that I had inserted in a child header.php file, but the new core theme header.php is so different, I can’t figure out where to insert it (still which you would give a straightforward left/right content area option when you place the menu below the logo :-). Here is the code:
    echo “<div class=’topText’>For Gutter Cleaning, Repair, or Installation:</div><div class=’bottomText’>Call (609) 356-0288</div>”;

    Here is an image of how my header area looked before the theme upgrade:

    I removed my child header, so it would add to any confusion and it was messed up now anyway.

    2) The menu text was/is supposed to be white (I can’t believe I can’t figure out the target for that, so please excused my stupidity).

    3) In the drop downs, the highlight background color was/ is supposed to be #f5f5f5, but something is forcing it to the main menu background color and I can’t figure out what’s going on there, either.

    4) Last, I can’t seem to get the custom.css to work at all, targeting smartphones. I have put the file in a “css” folder in my child theme…I have left it on the top level of my child theme (in no folder, like the styles.css)…and neither way works. But when I just write an “h1: display none” in the core theme’s custom.css, the h1s disappear just fine. So what gives? Why can’t I get custom.css to work in my child theme folder?

    I appreciate your taking the time to help me with these items. As I said, I have spent a couple of hours (unbelievably) on these things since upgrading to the latest core theme (the custom.css is why I upgraded, to see whether that helped), and I can no longer see straight!


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    Hey keithcrest!

    Thank you for using the theme. I hope you’re doing great.

    Remove all css modifications that you added for the header. Remove the header.php on the child theme then replace it with the new header.php from the parent theme folder. You can see the header code on includes > helper-main-menu.php. Please reconfigure the header settings again because Kriesi changed the header panel. You’ll see that there a lot of added options like header height, logo and menu position, extra element, phone etc.

    Best regards,


    Thank you, Ismael. Your advice and a walk away from my computer got my header issues all straightened out.

    I still can’t get the custom.css to work in my child theme, however. I can test “H1 {display: none;}” on the parent custom.css, and the headlines disappear on my smartphone. But in my child theme, whether I leave the custom.css file at the top level or in a folder labeled “CSS” (as is done on in the parent), it does not work and the H1 remains visible.

    I am ready to launch this site, but I need to work on the mobile presentation before I can!

    Thank you for your insights into this issue,




    Reaching out again to try to get an answer to the “custom.css” question in my last post (why it isn’t working).

    Sorry to nag, but not sure whether the question has been missed, and my client would like to get this site up and running ASAP. Hence the re-post here :-)

    Thank you,




    As mentioned here ( (Purchase code hidden if logged out) /#post-239360 ), it was answered/solved.


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