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    Hello Everyone,

    I am quite new to website programming in anyway and I run the Enfold theme but it says there are no updates available after version 4.2.6 and I have version 4.7 ready to go. What would the easiest way to update our theme be? I uploaded our API key and it still says no updates are available. Thank you all for your time!

    – Nolan


    Hey nojo0440,
    Since you have v4.2.6 installed which uses the old Envato API, the theme will not show an update available, after you update and use the new Envato “Token” you will see updates available.
    So to get you up-to-date you will need to manually update, The easiest and safest way to do this is to download the newest version from Theme Forest and rename your current theme folder to “enfold-old” via ftp then upload the new “enfold” folder and check that your site is working correctly. This assumes that your theme directory is named the default “enfold” at \wp-content\themes\
    Should for some reason you wish to roll-back to the old version, it’s easy to do, simply rename the new “enfold” folder to “enfold-new” via ftp and then rename “enfold-old” to “enfold” then refresh your page.
    Once you are happy you can delete the “enfold-old” folder via ftp, (not the WP theme page)
    Please don’t try to overwrite the theme folder, as this will leave old files behind and cause errors.

    Best regards,


    Mike this is awesome. I know this is very elementary for you but our original website guy disappeared on us, what is FTP and how do you implement it into a situation like this? I just want to be sure about everything I’m doin. Thank you again for your time and help.

    – nolan


    Perhaps a better solution for you is to use your webhost file manager to upload the files and rename the directories:
    it works like your computer’s file manager, typically you want to go to public_html > wp-content > themes

    Best regards,



    Thank you so much for this and your patience and understanding. It worked great. I just have one more question if you have time. My header isn’t consistent from page to page, sometimes its all black and sometimes it’s transparent. Is there a way to make it all black with no transparency for all pages? Thank you again.



    I took a look but didn’t find any transparent headers, can you include some screenshots?
    To add a screenshot please try using https://savvyify.com/img/ and pasting the image URL in your post.

    Best regards,

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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