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    Howdy all,
    Most likely a plugin issue, but in the midst of updating my sites to Enfold 4.5.3 — all of them also run Wordfence — initial update runs fine. But after scanning with Wordfence, it throws a notice that Enfold 4.5.3 is available — to “update Enfold 4.5.3 > 4.5.3” 😀

    Checked via “inspect element” and it shows Enfold 4.5.3

    Anything here to be concerned about?



    Ahhh… and now I have one site that reports that it did update to 4.5.3, but “inspect element” shows that it is still 4.5.2



    And… the last one… threw a major hissy fit … please tell me what i need to do … I am using the correct tokens, etc.
    Updating Theme Enfold (1/1)

    Downloading update from (Purchase code hidden if logged out) (Purchase code hidden if logged out) ~ (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -X3qZBEr5HgMlSsLw2W1c6v-nz1Tm74o4MKMX5wuBbjI3alt5OVF1UAGcMB2fMods9sTER1Ue6h17y8Ls1VY6n0TkV87cVCCkLhc78Ravel7MRL32j-lfx4Hn~kKpMDU-7Q60DlY1bEvkKgxs6jg_&Key-Pair-Id=APKAJRP2AVKNFZOM4BLQ…
    An error occurred while updating Enfold: Download failed. Forbidden



    The last error is likely due to you having reached the Envato traffic limit for your account, it should be reset the next day so you could try again today maybe?

    As for the other problem then please try using this plugin in order to clear WordPress transients:

    Best regards,


    Thanks Rikard.
    Looks like it installed today, but — WordPress still shows it needs an update. Under updates it shows …

    You have version 4.5.3 installed. Update to 4.5.3.

    Checked via “Inspect Element” and it does reference 4.5.3

    I did not install the transients manager — should I do that? Or should I care?



    Hi jancecile,

    You can try transients manager, but it’s not really anything you need to care about as long as the theme is updated.

    Best regards,



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