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    Hi, I’m having the following three issues with my Enfold theme now that I’ve updated it this morning:

    1. When viewers visit my website, they say that some of the content towards the end is being cut off.
    2.My accordion doesn’t work.
    3. My icon list doesn’t work.

    I’ve disabled any plugins that I am not using.

    Any assistance would be much appreciated! Thank you!


    Hey dmenditc!

    Please share the link to the page where we can inspect the element in question and help you resolve it :)



    Hi Vinnie,

    It’s Thanks.



    I have loaded your web site and I can see everything functioning properly.
    I am on Windows and Firefox. Can u please let us know what u are using?



    Google Chrome. Thanks.


    Just to let you know, I tried it on Firefox and it worked great, however, Chrome is still not functioning. I know that a lot of people use Chrome, so I think the issue should be explored further. Thank you for your help!



    I checked your website on Chrome and it does look totally fine on my end. Could you please post screenshot and show the issues you are seeing if they are still visible?



    Hey Yagit,

    Thank you for your immediate response. It was recommended by a friend to clear my cache. Once I did this, the website came up perfectly. I appreciate all your help.


    Please open your own ticket for this.
    Try to activate a default WP theme to check if you get the same result there or not an let us know about it in your new ticket.


Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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