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    I have an Enfold theme in my account labelled 2.4.1, but it doesn’t have the masonry blog option in it. But the theme also doesn’t prompt me for an update to gain these features (the dummy data never included the pages, and the blog options in the pop-up do not list a masonry format). Is there a way I can go about fixing this?

    All care, L.


    Hi straightedge29!

    The masonry elements are their own elements. See:



    Thank you for your quick reply, Devin!

    I was able to create the masonry blog in a new post, but I’m trying to use the page that is currently labelled “Blog,” and when I add the fullwidth masonry element in it, its format doesn’t change.

    Is there a way that I can alter this page to handle masonry?

    I’m not terribly database-savvy, but I know in the past, even if I delete a page, WordPress often acts weird when I try to create a page that has the same URL as the past page (often giving it a number, like blog2), so I’d like to be able to alter the present /blog page to handle masonry, if possible.

    All care, Layla.


    The default set up is that you’ve set the “blog” page from the theme options. This sets it through WordPress as well which in turn ignores all of your settings on that actual blog page. Basically the page you set as a blog page just acts as a placeholder and the content is filled in by your options in the general settings of the theme options.

    What you can do is deselect the blog page from the dropdown in the general settings of the theme options and then in your page settings as long as you are showing a blog element/blog content it will still be functionally the same.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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