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    Dear Staff,

    We’d like to let you know that an update to your item Enfold – Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme by Kriesi is now available in your Downloads page.

    I have downloaded a new update but…

    2019 September 30th – Version 4.6.3

    This is a version on download package from Themeforest and in the style.css is declared

    Theme Name: Enfold
    Author: Kriesi

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    Same here!
    And we have been waiting desperataly to finally get rid of that still buggy version….


    You know it would be nice if they would let us know in advance when they decide to push a release out. Some of us plan our lives out a bit. Especially when we get first notifications from Envato (or the like) and the file still has the old version in it.



    On the theme update section of Enfold Child Menu, this is written: No Updates available. You are running the latest version! (

    It seems that the last version is 4.6.3. What is the problem then? Should I upgrade manually? Is it not working?



    I want 4.6.4 already. is fcking with my Ninja Tables plugin. The stackable version is simply not loading in IOS / Safari and I had to revert to 4.5.7 to make it work. I think they fixed it by now, so fingers crossed with the next update. (or whenever it actually arrives lol)


    yes – I also wanted to test the new update directly and saw then also that it was still the old version.
    I can’t understand your problems after an update. In a “non-test environment” you at least keep a rollback ready.
    I posted this already in October 2018 and is still the safest method to update and come back in case of inconsistencies or bugs.


    @guenni007, the problem is not the test or backup of the website, the problem is to receive an update notification, download and find yourself with an old version. The time to me and to those who work, who pays for it?
    It would just take a bit of organization and consistency.


    I updated the site via ftp. I simply downloaded the enfold file from themeforest and uploaded the renamed enfold folder as enfold-new into the themes folder and changed enfold folder to enfold-old and enfold-new folder to enfold. I checked the enfold version on the admin side. It is still (

    Now what?


    i mentioned it too that the message of ThemeForest ( Envato ) was a misinformation. What i try to say about the link above is that I can’t understand how to update live sites, especially those with shop systems, without having a quick rollback in the background.
    With the above mentioned method this is a thing of not even 5 min to return to the old state.
    Instead, we read here some abusive tirades and that the team has to do as fast as possible to fix the bugs.
    If an active website is running, then there is no need to update it – if I have only such pages at the start, you should only update according to the method above.

    By the way – it is not the first time that Envato announces a new Version and there was still the old one – or the complete download is not updatet – but only the installable WordPress File has the new version etc. pp.: in order to save yourself unnecessary work, a quick look into the style.css would be helpful after the download.


    Dear Guenni,

    I have to agree with the other members. You speak from the heart.
    Dear Günni: There are now some people here who really complain openly. I hope very much that you and Kriesi take the user wishes, which appear constantly again and again, also seriously.
    I can see from your answer, but that obviously – so it seems to me – there is no need for action for the kriesi support, if you get so massiv good feedback. Instead to growth, you fire back.

    Sorry. I seem to have eye problems. Where do you mention that?

    i mentioned it too that the message of ThemeForest ( Envato ) was a misinformation.

    You mean:

    “Instead, we read here some abusive tirades and that the team has to do as fast as possible to fix the bugs.”

    Where can I find that? And seriously: Kriesi support is also not always fair, sometimes very cheeky and overbearing and it is also often not what many have paid for as support and expect. And at some point you’re just only still so annoyed that you change the tonality at some point. it’s like a little child who doesn’t like to hear. You can see that here in the forum and also at Envato. Because otherwise Enfold would have 5.0 points. But that’s on a different page.

    A Comming Soon area: Missing

    A neat update policy: I miss. It’s a mess and creates trouble. Described here
    That’s where the problems start.
    What the updates intend, described with cryptic texts is unclear to many.

    It would be nice if the Bug_Fixes have a ticket number, as well as other software and its fix. Where described is what is meant by:
    “avf_save_string_translated allows to manipulate a sanitized css class or id” (what is the error, when does it occur, planned fix in release”
    This describes a good and healthy update and project management policy.

    Same for user wishes and improvements.

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    I fully agree with you


    Well, it could be worse.

    I just checked my Enfold version, and apparently I’m still on 4.6.1. For some reason, I apparently haven’t been getting automatic updates through WordPress. Even when I click “check manually” for updates it tells me:

    “No Updates available. You are running the latest version! (4.6.1)”

    So, to say I’m confused would be an understatement. Really surprised to discover that Enfold is up to (and that I’m so far behind).


    Is there a new update? Or has Themeforest spread the wrong message?
    What to do?



    The version right now is higher from the .1 so there is an update that you should be able to find on your dashboard.

    Best regards,


    Just chiming in to say that I have the same issue. I can check manually and it says that version 4.6.2 is the most recent version. This needs to be resolved ASAP!


    Hi mikeack,

    Please open a new thread and include WordPress admin login details in private so that we can have a closer look at your site.

    Best regards,

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