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    I hate the last update where all ALB-options are in tabs with open/close sliders/accordeons.

    Not only do I have to click a tab, but also have to OPEN-click the suboption I want to edit before I can actually change what i want to change. And when i look at the other options it closes the one eI explicitly opened. :( Hate it.

    I’m not a baby that you have to hide all options from. I need to work. Fast. With the least ammount of clicks possible.

    Please stop hiding all options in separate tabs and accordeons!

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    I have to agree… I liked it better the way it was before, much faster.


    It feels worse and worse. Enfold is slowly becoming a thankless divi theme.
    This dropdown: why? Where does that come from? Because it’s modern? Does high-performance work like this? These things that happen in the slider headings or these dropdowns: Why don’t you let the consumers vote on it? Describe it please, with the Pro and Cons? With examples? Rather than with cryptic descriptions of what will come, that hardly anyone understands. These are hard interventions in the design. If a normal consumer updates the theme and thinks everything is OK. And if the normal user takes no look again, is all ok and then the headings have the design in the examples in the postings before. It’s needs more and more time to checking page for page, what is the influence of Kriesi’s updates.
    As before: It is in my eyes an impossible behavior towards your customers. This was the same, as you have “optimize” the uppercase customer css and some other hard examples from the past. I don’t update any of my customers. Because it takes hours or days of rework for me.

    And what is missing at the many sliders, which you offer? (I will not understand, why all three are not combined):
    Options: easy buttons to set the heading in a right way. Many options are not there.

    View post on



    For your information:

    We will add an option for the next release where you can disable the accordions in the ALB modal popups.

    Best regards,


    Dear Krisi Team,

    since the last update we do have problems again with the shopping cart. You can choose a product and after klick the Buy button it says OK. But if you then try do go on in the shopping process the product disapear… (and little chart on the right side is empty at the same time.
    see here..

    If we switch off ENFOLD the shop works…
    Are we the onliest with that problem? No one else?

    Please help urgent!
    Thanx!, torge




    User must accept cookies – then the cart works.

    We will add an option where essential cookies will work even if user does not accept cookies. If this is legal – it is up to you to decide.

    Please have a look here for more info:

    Best regards,



    I want to select the 1st letter of each words in a h1 title in special header so that I put CSS to have bigger size of letter.
    I can do it for the 1st letter of the 1st word but not for the other.
    Can you help me on this matter ?


    Hi mguillou5670,

    You would have to wrap the letter in question in a html markup and add a class to it, for instance:

    <span class="large-letter">Y</span>our headline

    Then add this to Quick CSS:

    .large-letter {
      font-size: 100px;

    Best regards,


    there is a date when we can expect the new version. I wait with the update to 7.4…



    We do not have an ETA yet. We will announce in the forum sidebar once we have a date :)

    Best regards,


    Thank you very much Rikard. I thought it was not possible to put <span> in Special Header.:)


    Thanks for making this useful thread, so we can see what fixes will follow. It is nice to get updates. ;)


    Hi Milan,

    Thanks for the feedback, we’re trying to be more clear in our communication towards customers so that it’s easier to follow what is going on with the theme development.

    Best regards,


    Please note that with the last update the font I choose to use on my site was replaced automatically with the standard font.



    Hi Sandra,

    We haven’t had this reported by other users so it’s likely local to your site. Please let us know if the same thing should happen on the next update you perform.

    Best regards,


    Hello to Enfold Team :)
    Is there any ETA for 4.7.3 please?
    Yigit mentioned “We do not have an ETA yet. We will announce in the forum sidebar once we have a date :)” but I would like to know if it is has changed and some ETA is available?
    Also the sidebar is not very often updated, lol
    Thanks for feedback.


    I purchased Enfold via envato 2019.08.10 and have been notified by envato [theme forest] of 3 updates to Enfold since then.
    But I have not yet made any updates as when I log on to envato and go to downloads it shows me only the full download for the theme itself.

    What I want to know is:
    1. How can I action the updates
    2. Do I need to action each of the above mentioned updates in sequential order to bring my current installation uptodate?




    I just updated my Enfold Theme from older version to 4.7.2 and my WordPress version to 5.3.2 however my current PHP version shows as 5.6.40 and now Woocommerce plugin doesn’t work which shows version 3.8.1. It says you need to have a newer version of PHP file on your theme installed before you can update your Woocommerce plugin to the newer version of 3.9.

    I tried deactivating all woocommerce plugins and reactivating them, but still didn’t work.

    I need to upgrade my PHP file on my Enfold Theme, Please advise how?



    @lipowski unfortunately, not yet. However we have first beta version available. If you would like us to share with you, please start a new thread and request it :)

    @stadtbesaetzer please refer to this post – and generate a Personal Token and insert it in Enfold theme options to receive auto updates. If that does not help or if you have any other questions or issues, please start a new thread under Enfold sub forum –

    @igoogleyes please contact your hosting provider and ask them to upgrade your PHP version. This is related to your server settings and not related to theme :) If you have any other questions or issues, please start a new thread under Enfold sub forum –

    Best regards,

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    I was thinking there is a lot of response to this message. Is it an idea to make a page with the progress of the theme something like this: possibly with votes? I’m worried about what you think of that idea.


    When will the version 4.7.3 will be released? My store is still showing (Your cart is empty) and there is no prompt or pop up window telling people that they need to enable cookies before they can checkout. Can someone from your team help me? People keep emailing us that they cannot make a purchase because of the above error. Thanks!

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    How can I remove all the new dropdowns in admin. The worst update ever…


    Hi, I would have a problem with the page preview. When I make changes I don’t preview them.


    Hi cristinapizzato,

    Please start a separate thread, describe your issue there and give us a link to your website.

    Best regards,


    I agree with others about tabbed and hidden options for ALB elements. I now have to make bajilion clicks in order to insert a masonry gallery. Please make it expanded like it used to be and preferably on a single tab.


    Might I suggest doing the bug fixes in stages rather than another cumulative release? Users have complained openly on this page every time you release a new version, other features have been broken by mistake. We then have to wait for another cumulative release instead of a new minor release. The problem isn’t about feature communication as others have suggested, it is about the lack of regular small updates and fixes instead of major releases..

    I love Enfold, it has been instrumental in my day to day business so I just want to help as it is mutually beneficial, I am considering applying for a support role on the forum as it is currently a major part of my work.

    I have to agree with the others about the tabbed and hidden ALB elements. A billion extra clicks for the same function – It actually makes it harder to find the setting you are looking for. I like it as a UX experience for newbies but for those that need to work quickly it is just painful!

    Looking forward to the next release. Thank you all for continuing to develop Enfold. It really is a great platform to work with.


    @ thinkjarvis

    Yes, i agree with you. My mentioned fixer / Patcher (like Avada) would be realy nice.
    Until now, Enfold was a very performant theme. I hope, they have options for agencies and one time users.
    As agency, we go backwards for my understanding
    Now, many clicks and dropdown and hidden element are very stressful. Please use a fallback or two options, for user, which like it.


    HI.. 4.7.3 is out.. Where is the option to disable accordions in ALB and have the ALB as was previously..?



    In Layout Architect in “Options Toggles In Modal Popup”

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