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    Hi Enfold team,

    I imported a wrong theme settings file using the enfold theme menu option Import/Export and now I cannot login into the dashboard anymore.
    Is there a way to reset the theme settings or replace them without entering the WordPress dashboard?

    Thank you!


    Hey NonSuch,
    Thanks for your question, importing the theme settings would not change your user logins, unfortunately, you can only change the theme settings from the theme dashboard.
    Do you mean that the whole site has crashed or the login has changed?
    If you mean the whole site has crashed then you could rename the theme directory via FTP to force WordPress to switch to one of the default themes and login again, but this would not help you change the theme settings file because you would need to activate the broken theme to upload a new theme settings file.
    Try seeing if your webhost has a recent backup you could restore to.

    Best regards,


    Hi Mike,

    I tried all the usual solutions, including the options you mentioned (i.e. change the theme directory name via ftp client). None of them worked however.
    Like you suggested, I restored the site with a recent backup and everything is working fine again.

    A small request: Even though I personally strongly dislike TikTok, a client now wants me to add a TikTok social profile. Do you have plans to add TikTok to the Enfold Social Profile menu page?

    Thanks for your quick reply and as always thank you for this excellent WordPress theme.


    I added a feature request for TikTok to be added to the social profiles. For now please add it by following our documentation: How to add Custom Social Icons to Enfold options
    You will need to upload a custom SVG image to because it doesn’t have a TikTok option yet.
    Here is an example thread of adding TikTok

    Best regards,

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