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    We are currently creating websites for our 4 sister-companies, using ENFOLD (v 3.7.1 with WordPress 4.6). The websites look as they should on Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge on all devices, but on SAFARI it looks broken. It also happens on older versions of Enfold (and wordpress too).

    Picture (Bravo Group):

    As you can see, pictures are everywhere, scaled wrongly, no colors, no template system etc.

    Ive provided you with login information, so you can take a look.

    Thank you,


    Hey Bravoavas!

    Can you please let us know also what version of safari are you using?
    And are you testing safari on mac or windows?

    Thanks a lot



    Weve recieved news on this via customers and employees. Im not sure what versions of safari, but i would reckon all kind of different ones, some of them the newest. This has been tested on Iphone (various) and macbooks.

    – Lars


    I just checked with Safari 9.1.2 and it happens on that too (i think that is the latest version of safari too)



    If you do not mind can you please post FTP logins here privately as well? Also, are we allowed to deactivate all active plugins for testing purposes?



    Hi Yigit

    All plugins can be deactivated on the Bravo Group WordPress site (i reckon one site is enough to test with). I highly doubt its because of plugins.

    We are using a deployment from Bitnami for WordPress (Azure). Its a multisite setup with two virtual machines, one with the config and one with the SQL, and is running on a default Linux (latest version LTS). Could this be a factor?

    In order for you to get access to the FTP, we will need to provide you with a private key from Putty or Open SSL, but we cant post it here, so you would need to provide us with an email we can reach you.

    We are also going to see if its the virtual machine solutions that is causing the problem, so were going to upload the sites on a regular webhotel.


    – Lars


    Hi Lars!

    Please do so and let us know. I suspect .htaccess file is causing the issue. As you can see in the screenshot i posted in my previous post, file paths are wrong. Fixing them will fix the issue.



    Is there a way you can tell me the right paths? Maybe we can just edit the .htaccess files?



    Please see private content field

    Best regards,


    see private






    Hey guys. So, we ported all out sites over to a regular webhotell, but now the htaccess file contains nothing other than;

    “WordPress Begin

    wordpress End”

    Enfold still breaks on safari… Need help to fix this. Its starting to get urgent :C
    see private



    htaccess now contain some more (i think its enough), but it might be something with wordpress itself, as you mentioned abobe, it has something with the links of the directories or something.

    Ive added a debug link private, can you take a look at that too? Looks like there shouldnt be “Http:/” in front many of these. Any ideas?

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    Aaaand it looks like problem is solved.

    Site Url and home wasnt defined in the database…… lol

    Anyway thanks for the help!



    Great! Glad that you figured it out. :)


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