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    I am working with Deb Acquavella who is the admin of record for using Enfold with the site,, and I have a couple of years of WordPress experience although new to your theme. My main task is to optimize the speed of the site as it is testing very poorly on several webpage speed tests. I am using EWWW Image Optimization, Optimize Database to clean up some deadwood and optimize the SQL tables, etc…).

    She is interested in using Hero Slider by Hero Themes and I am wondering about possibly overhead or conflicts involved since I assume Enfold has a native slider option within the theme itself (I see LayerSlider WP listed in the Dashboard side panel but not under plugins but I don’t think that is in use–the slider feature is within the Avia page builder/editor, correct?) Is the use of a different slider plugin advisable and possible, and can it be used in place of Avia’s slider element? If so, how best to implement?


    Carol Murchie
    Your Virtual Sherpa
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    Hi Carol,

    I’m not sure if the theme is compatible with that plugin or not, not sure why you want to use it but there are several options built in to the theme for adding slider and I would suggest to use one of them to avoid any conflicts.

    if you are looking to speed things up you can have a look at these plugins:

    GZip Ninja Speed Compression:
    WP Smush:
    W3 Total cache:
    BWP Minify:


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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