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    Hi there…

    I have trouble on a testsite to get some customizations running and hope you can help me.

    I want to have a image with a mouseover effect. At mouseover the background of the caption should be black.
    a second image on this page also should have this effect, but with a white background for the caption.

    I noticed that i can change the BG color with the following css tweak.

    .av-image-caption-overlay {

    but this only works for the caption in general and not for a specific picture element.
    is it possible to assign a special css class to the two pictures and change the caption BG only at this 2 images!?

    I really appreciate your help!



    To assign classes to elements please take a look at the documentation:
    If you need further help with the CSS code, i’d need a link to the website.




    thanks for the hint, but i already added a custom-css field to one of this image..
    the class is called “face_overlay” -> But i do not know how to set the special attribute for this custom-css thing.

    i need: the .av-image-caption-overlay { only work for the object with custom-css “face_overlay”

    my page with the test:

    thanks in advance



    It looks like you used a class of “face_overlay” correct? You can target it like so.

    .face_overlay .av-image-caption-overlay {
        background: none repeat scroll 0 0 red;



    Hey Elliot,

    i really appreciate your help!
    works perfect.

    as always, this forum brings the best support ever!!!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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