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    Hello Kriesi-Team,

    i´d have some more questions…

    Concerning to link 1:
    1. HEADER: on android-systems the header moves down when scrolling. Do you have a solution herfore?
    2. LAYER SLIDER: on the homepage we just did some layouts with the layer slider. at the 3rd slide we embedded a vimeo-video. After playing the video, the video-frame stays visible. Is there a possiblity to fade it out?

    Concerning to link 2 we would like to modify the fullwidth-slider – is it possible …
    1. … to hide the goto-slide-elements (round buttons)?
    2. … to use the “framed text” only for the subline?
    3. … to change the colour of the frame?

    Thx a lot for your reply,


    Hi cl!

    1) I’m not quite sure what you mean. Is this on mobile only and do you have a screenshot of the issue?
    2) Not that I know of no. It might be possible with some custom javascript but it isn’t something we could provide.

    1) Yes it should be doable with a small css snippet. It should be tailored to your site and that specific page so if we can see the page where you have it we’ll provide the css.
    2) Not quite sure about what you have mind. Do you have an example or a mock up?
    3) If we can see the elements live we can provide a css snippet you can then use to customize.

    Best regards,


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    Hi Devin,
    thx for reply and concerning to your answers:

    Reffering to Link 1 – he link is in the private data above!
    A 1.) Sorry, no Screenshot. We have only Mac here, i have seen the problem on a Samsung Galaxy Tablet: when scrolling down the content the complete “fixed header” moves from top of the viewport to bottom of the viewport.
    A 2.) ok

    Reffering to Link 2 – the link is in the private data above!
    B 1.) I solved the problem already.
    B 2.+3.) Home > Slide #1: Can i edit both parts (headline + subline) of the left framed text? text-size, text-color, background-color, transparency, etc.

    Thx a lot,


    The links are to the sites but I wasn’t sure what pages/content on the site specifically.

    For the caption here are the selectors:

    .home h2.avia-caption-title {}
    .home .avia-caption-content {}
    .home .caption_framed .slideshow_caption .avia-caption-content p {}

    Hey Devin,

    the links refer exactly to the described sites (homepage, home) and items (header, fullwidh–slider, etc.) ???

    The Problem with the downmoving header still exists…



    Hey Christian!

    Please try adding following code to Quick CSS

    #header_main_alternate, #header {
    -webkit-transform: translateZ(0);

    and flush browser cache on your tablet and refresh your page a few times. If that does not work, please also try following code

    #header_main, #header {
        -webkit-backface-visibility: hidden;
        -moz-backface-visibility: hidden;
        -webkit-transform: translate3d(0, 0, 0);
        -moz-transform: translate3d(0, 0, 0)



    Hi Yigit,

    both codes do not work… the header still scrolls down and on desktop-view the submenu doesn´t work anymore (fades out when mouse over).

    Any other solutions?

    Thx, Christian


    Hey Christian!

    Can you please post screenshots of the issues?



    Hi Yigit,

    i´ll send some screenshots mid of september. i have no android tablet at the buro yet and end of next week i leave for holiday for two weeks…

    Cheers, Christian



    Sure Christian, we will keep the thread open and it will be on hold until you post again. Please reply to this topic when you would like to re-open it.
    Have a great holiday! :)

    Best regards,

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