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    Is this possible to pull-off? I have entered the following CSS…

    #socket-custom { 
    height: 60px;
    -webkit-column-count: 3;
    -moz-column-count: 3;
    column-count: 3; 
    #socket-custom li { display: inline-block !important; }

    … and in the Copyright field (in the theme editor) added <ul id=“socket-custom”><li>column 1</li><li>column 2</li><li>column 3</li></ul>
    – but they are all stacked (not in colums across the bottom of the page)?


    Hey lzevon,

    Please provide a link to the site so that we may see the issue in question, as well as the admin log in info.

    Best regards,
    Jordan Shannon


    please see attached…


    Jordan, was the information I supplied helpful to you so we can proceed?


    Since I never heard back in a reasonable amount of time, we went with another approach. You can close this topic. I was able to get this code to work outside of the theme which is why I felt it was a valid inquiry.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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