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    Hi Christian,

    I want to change the background-picture of a slide in a periodic way while I have a video run in the front. Is this possible with enfold and… how?

    Its like having a readsign-picture in the front with a video on autoplay in it.
    this sign stands in front of different scenerys which should fade while the video is still playing…

    Thx for response,


    Hey rseybold!

    It could maybe be done with a LayerSlider slide but it will be a bit complicated to set up. You would need to have it all set up on a single slide and then handle the timing through one long slide.



    could you give me a walk through?



    Create a slide then insert 4 layers, on the last layer insert the video. Edit the first layer then add an image, go to Transition panel. On transition in option, set the Delay to 0. Do the same with the second layer but give it a Delay of 2000 for example. For the third layer give it 4000 for the delay. You can increase the delay if you want the background images to stay longer. Make sure that the last layer with the video has a 0 delay so that it will show up first when the slide loads.

    Best regards,


    Works for me. Does not work in a loop the way I wanted it to be, but works fine that way.
    Thanks for help.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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