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    RE: The Single Post Navigation.

    Something was causing my Comics sale page to glitch on the 4 same comics to to load ‘short’ only on this page. Over and over; Easy Cart fixed it and in so doing, turned off the Single Post navigation …

    So OKAY – they’re disabled according to the above and my question under thread #1323064; I REALLY liked them as I needed something to move between my categories for the customer… I NEED THEM !!!!! I need a menu for the customers to navigate through the different categories
    – BUT turning them off left a rogue one going to a comic (Betty Wicked #4B) on all pages … this feature has been turned OFF.

    I use WP Easy Cart and was told the following:
    Well those are not going to work with EasyCart. They are a design element from the theme, and they utilize wordpress categories and pages to flip through posts, and while our system uses custom posts for categories and posts which won’t be seen in this enfold system like that…
    I think this theme allows you to disable those so they don’t interfere with your site. I think the only way to actually use those would be a complicated matter of adding shortcode to actual wordpress pages to get the categories there on usable pages, then perhaps they allow you to specify specific links back and forth, but I think it would get complicated.

    Is there a way to fix this? because if what WP Easy Cart is saying – this is an issue across the board for Enfold Theme and Easy Cart users :(
    so there’s one thing you awesome code writers can update
    I would like to have the choice of using this feature as it was one of the selling point for my purchasing…

    TSP Cart
    [See Thread #1323064]


    Hey TSPCart,

    Thank you for the inquiry.

    Would you mind providing a screenshot of the issue? We cannot see the problem in the single product page. If the default post navigation is not working as expected, try to replace it with widgets generated by different plugins such as the following.


    Best regards,


    UPDATE NOTE: I found the error to the misloading products; some of the secondary photos had dropped. Reinstalled, that part works fine now…

    Okay – I had turned that element off as it was messing with my page view on the comics category that must have been part of my problem – I was using them on the category pages… I really like the way they looked for the customer to be able to browse through the categories left and right on each side of the browser….

    I never even looked on the single product as they worked fine (for a while) on the category pages; then flaked out and created an issue with the comic category page loading several of the comics ‘short’

    Now if I wanted something along those lines – a side arrow on each side of the screen for the categories – is that available?
    Would the two you suggested work like that? For the categories?

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    The post navigation will only display in the single post page — it is using the get_adjacent_posts function by default, which retrieves the next and previous posts. The navigations will not display in the archive or category pages without modifying the templates and creating new functions. Unfortunately, this kind of customization requires significant amount of time and is beyond the scope of support. You may need to hire a freelance developer or have our partner Codeable provide you with a working solution.

    Thank you for your patience.

    Best regards,

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