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    I am for most pages using the built in contact form I think, I did not add it but it appears in the sidebar, but on my front page I want no sidebar and a contact form down the bottom, when I use the code I get from a post I created and added the short code contact form to there is no captcha, how do I add this in please as I want to avoid using plugins unless I have to.

    Temp website address is:


    Hi LollyGreen!

    You forget the link. If you don’t want a sidebar on your frontpage, edit the page then look for Layout > Sidebar > select “No Sidebar”.

    Best regards,



    I know how to have front page without sidebar, that part is easy.

    But I have had to add a plugin for a contact form so I get captcha, as the built in one does not add capatcha unless it is in the sidebar, but when added as a short code at the bottom of a page it does not have the capatcha.

    So what I need is to know how to add the short code to a widget so its still shows the capatcha. Or a dedicated widget for the contact form that includes the capatcha included with the theme.



    You can use the Text Widget on Appearance > Widgets. Insert the Enfold Contact Form shortcode:

    [av_contact email=' (Email address hidden if logged out) ' button='Submit' title='Send us mail' sent='Your message has been sent!' subject='' autorespond='' captcha='active']
    [av_contact_field label='Name' type='text' options='' check='is_empty' width='']
    [av_contact_field label='E-Mail' type='text' options='' check='is_email' width='']
    [av_contact_field label='Subject' type='text' options='' check='is_empty' width='']
    [av_contact_field label='Message' type='textarea' options='' check='is_empty' width='']




    I wrote my Enfold form in html and added there additional jQuery script. Inserted all in Custom HTML block. At front end form looks and behaves like a charm. Discussed here:
    But I forgot, that this form is just form, without functionality. It doesn’t send mails, it does’t show autorespond text.
    So my question is – how to attach this functionality for this enfold form if this form is written in html, not even using shortcodes? Is it realistic?


    Hi MaxMiko,

    Did you try using the code given above by Ismael? This should be fully functional.

    Best regards,


    Dear Victoria,

    thank you a lot for your response, actually I dig deeper, and found classes I need + the valuable information from Ismael + my tiny jQuery and my custom Enfold form works as expected.



    Glad to hear, shall we close this then?

    Best regards,


    As it was opened I came here, you decide :)


    Thank you, have a great day.

    Best regards,

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