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    When I ran into some odd logo related issues after uploading a local developed website, I was wondering where Enfold saves all it’s configuration data.

    The issue was that the logo showed up in all desktop related browsers, but not on the mobile devices. At first I thought it might be the transparent .PNG file I used, but in the end it was the path to the file that caused the problem.
    In the settings it was still linked to ‘localhost’, despite all my changes in the database before importing it into the new location.

    So, is all this saved in the separate .css files in the uploads/dynamic_avia folder? Or is this set in the database records?

    A ‘related’ question: Will Enfold have problems when one changes the /uploads folder (plugin or coded) for images?



    They are saved in the database, wp_options table, the option_name will depend on the name of the theme folder:

    avia_options_{name of the theme folder}



    hmmm… weird.

    In that case I must have missed something with editing the exported dabatase. Cheers for the answer, I know I have to pay a closer look on th edited file before importing it again ;-)


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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