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    I selected “Deutsch” in the upper language selector of WordPress and chose the german homepage in Enfold’s theme options under “Einstellungen Startseite”. “Save all changes” and everything seemed to be fine.

    Then I selected “English” in the upper language selector, and the value at “Einstellungen Startseite” turned to “Select Page”.

    Then I selected the english homepage under “Einstellungen Startseite” – “Save all changes” again, seemed to be successful.

    When I switched back to “Deutsch” in the upper language selector, “Einstellungen Startseite” shows “Select Page” again – the german homepage which I entered before hadn’t been stored.

    Now my questions concerning Enfold and Polylang:

      Is it possible to select a different homepage per language – and if yes, how?
      Is it possible to select a different header logo per panguage – and if yes, how?
      Same for all other elements like Copyright etc?

    Thanks in advance for helping me!



    Hey Joerg,

    Every of those requests are possible, but they are not easy to be done.
    They would require customization for you. Consider to hire someone if you need, who would be able to hep you get those shorted out.

    Best regards,


    Well, at least the not working homepage-per-language thing seems to be a bug of the theme, so why should I hire someone to fix it?



    That is an issue with the plugin you are using for Translations, which one is it?

    Best regards,


    I am using the free version of Polylang 2.3.4. Or would you recommend another one that works better with Enfold?



    The theme is compatible with W P M L. If you’re using Polylang, you should configure the theme options for each language. Set the frontpage in the Enfold > Theme Options panel. Reset the Settings > Reading to default.

    Best regards,


    Hi.. Did Enfold using Polylang have a different option panel as have with WPML..?




    Yes that happens with every of the plugins that can be used for Translations.
    IF you need more assistance with the plugin you can always contact the plugin creators for extra help.

    Best regards,


    Thank You Basilis..

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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