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    Hi Team, running WordPress 4.3.1 & Enfold 3.3.2. After a recent update, my client noticed all her Portfolio Thumbnails in each Portfolio Item on the Home Page are large, blurred and stacked under and the same width as the featured image, instead of small thumbnails, sharp resolution, and arranged as small thumbnails under the featured image.

    Would the mods or members have experienced this to offer a solution/fix? Thanks!


    Hey Sherman,

    I can’t see any problems like that on my end using latest version of Chrome: In what browser are you getting that problem?

    Best regards,


    Rikard, do you see the issue when you click one of the Portfolio Items? That’s where we’re experiencing the issue :(



    I’m not seeing the issue on my end as well:

    Are you using a web caching tool perhaps? Please clearing your cache.



    WOW, that issue seemed to have corrected itself, or something :-)

    Thanks Dake & Rikard for looking into this!



    Glad things got sorted :)

    Please let us know if you ever need any help in the future.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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