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    Hi all,

    I have been reading up on parallax websites, specifically one-page sites, and the consequences with SEO. Just curious what the developers thoughts are on this (and anyone else that wants to contribute).

    When a one-page parallax website is limited by fewer unique pages, H1 fields, and metadata than competitor websites, is there a working alternative to maintain a one-page design with a healthy SEO? Or is parallax design ahead of SEO and search–and everyone is just hoping they will eventually catch up?

    The Enfold theme is amazing. I know I’ve said it before, but really awesome work by Kriesi and team. The recent updates to include video are great!


    Hey cavanaughb!

    I’m not sure any of us have a good answer here. SEO is kind of a mess of a topic from my point of view since everyone thinks they have the *best* answer and the “pros” are constantly justifying their opinion to keep making a living.

    Generally I think a single page site would make it easier to have a good target for searches but would also mean the content is more sensitive. So you would need to be more careful not to over optimize it to prevent the text from getting marked down.



    Hey Devin,

    Thanks for your thoughts. From what I’ve read, it’s still a situation where parallax used in a nested, rich page structure is more successful (for SEO) than just a one-page.

    You can close the thread — I was just curious if anyone had advice. I like the idea of one-page parallax, but definitely want to pay attention to SEO “best practices”.

    Thanks again!

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