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    Hi, I’ve recently finished my site with Enfold and made live
    on my old site I was running yoast SEO and Video SEO plugins fine. So I installed them for my new enfold site and all seemed to be working fine, but I now have a problem with the video SEO as follows:

    When I go to one of my portfolio entries with an embded vimeo video it seems to work fine and shows me my video thumbnail, but as soon as I enter any details like focused keyword, description etc for wordpress SEO then click update, the video thumbnail and video SEO options disappear? I’ve tried 4 different portfolio posts now and the same happens every time ?

    So I contacted support at Yoast and they logged into my site and replied with the following…

    You seem to use a plugin/shortcode that we do not support ( [av_video… ).” ?

    I found the support post “” but does not apply to me as Im not using video in sliders just straight forward normal portfolio entries.

    I think this shortcode is just part of Enfold so not sure what to do to get video SEO working now?
    Many thanks


    Hi, so the Yoast support came back with…

    “I’ve made some adjustments to our plugin and uploaded the beta-version to your website. It should support the av_video shortcode (in combination with Vimeo) now.”

    I’ve tested it and it all seems to be working fine now, I presume they will make a proper update available
    Many thanks



    Great, I’ll contact the devs and ask them if we need to tweak some code on our end too.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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