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    After the most recent “update” of the theme all my images in all of my LayerSliders were all messed up. It appeared that the update was now ignoring the height and width setting in the LayerSlider image “style”. I had to resize every single image to the size I wanted. Worse, now the sliders are no longer responsive. Any attempt to resize the browser window results in a total mess. Several support personnel were given admin access and logged into my site, but nothing has changed and no solution has been proposed.

    If no developer of this Enfold theme can tell me why this is happening I need to be able to exchange it with a less troublesome, and actually responsive theme that I can use my existing hours and hours of work designing LayerSliders for.


    Hi Gary!

    Nothing has changed with the theme to make it or its interaction with LayerSlider no longer responsive. I believe I mentioned it a few times before in your other threads but it sounds like the slideshow you are/were using got corrupted. At that point you would re-create the slideshow and it will work like it did originally.

    I know its frustrating to hear that an issue is singular to your installation but as of right now it still is for us and seemingly for LayerSlider devs as well. I’ve played with Revolution slider which is a pretty comperable and possibly better alternative and the cost is minimal for a single use license.

    If you are still completely unsatisfied Envato (ThemeForest) would be the only contact point for a refund since support is separate entity and we really can’t even see user data on ThemeForest.

    Best regards,


    Devin, now I am completely confused. As you know, I have given several support people admin access. My WordFence plug-in tells me when they have logged in. No one has ever got back to me with any issues they discovered or what they did to solve them, yet this morning my sliders are back to being responsive, like magic.

    Someone found something but it appears they want to keep it a secret. Is this because everyone was blaming me for the issue?

    As to a refund, Envato is not going to compensate me for the many hours I have invested in creating the sliders, but I have no need for a refund if the theme works as billed.


    Any of use can make a mistake and with the thousands of lines of code in the theme we encourage everyone to report bugs to us so that we can fix them. It would never behoove us to hide that we fixed a bug since we would then have to hide its being fixed into an update which could then cause issues for developers who keep a hard eye on change logs to make sure their client sites and customization isn’t effected by an update.

    So no, we didn’t fix anything since as far as I know the only discussion we had on your topic and issue was how we didn’t see anything to fix.

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