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    When a user clicks on the author link on a blog post, it will currently lead them to the author archive page, as is standard for most WP themes. However, as I am using Enfold for a Buddypress site (looking great so far), I need the author link to go to that user’s BP profile page instead. Can you help me accomplish this?


    BTW this is a multi-author blog on a single install of WP/BP.


    Hi stewartjanderson,

    You’ll need to look into a freelance developer for that kind of a change. It isn’t overly complicated, but its out of our realm of support here on the forums.




    That’s fine, but all I really need is to locate the code that refers to post authors in the relevant loop/template files so that I can replace the function.


    In your theme files, just about all loops are in the includes folder. For the author, its loop-author.php.


    Hi, I have a similar question but I’m having a hard time identifying the right part of the template. I’d like to include the author’s name in her post within a grid structure (homepage). Any clues?


    The codex on the author template and the calls to display author information may help:

    So if its on a post inside the loop you would use:

    <p>Written by:
    <?php the_author_posts_link(); ?></p>

    Or something like that. It just depends on exactly how and where.


    thanks, I’ll try that



    I hope it worked out?

    Best regards,



    There is also a plugin that does just that:

    BP Blog Author Profile Link



    Thanks for the hint!



Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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