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    Where can I edit the template/code for what displays below the post title on a single post/index/archive? By default, this is Date Posted / # of Comments / in “Category”/ by Author.



    You can edit the meta information in wp-contentthemesenfoldincludesloop-index.php – search for:

    echo "<span class='post-meta-infos'>";
    echo "<span class='date-container minor-meta'>".get_the_time('d M Y')."</span>";
    echo "<span class='text-sep'>/</span>";

    if ( get_comments_number() != "0" || comments_open() ){

    echo "<span class='comment-container minor-meta'>";
    comments_popup_link( "0 ".__('Comments','avia_framework'),
    "1 ".__('Comment' ,'avia_framework'),
    "% ".__('Comments','avia_framework'),'comments-link',
    "".__('Comments Disabled','avia_framework'));
    echo "</span>";
    echo "<span class='text-sep'>/</span>";

    $taxonomies = get_object_taxonomies(get_post_type($the_id));
    $cats = '';
    $excluded_taxonomies = apply_filters('avf_exclude_taxonomies', array('post_tag','post_format'), get_post_type($the_id), $the_id);

    foreach($taxonomies as $taxonomy)
    if(!in_array($taxonomy, $excluded_taxonomies))
    $cats .= get_the_term_list($the_id, $taxonomy, '', ', ','').' ';

    echo '<span class="blog-categories minor-meta">'.__('in','avia_framework')." ";
    echo $cats;
    echo '</span><span class="text-sep">/</span>';

    echo '<span class="blog-author minor-meta">'.__('by','avia_framework')." ";
    echo '</span>';
    echo '</span>';


    Thanks…I’ll let you know how it goes.



    I hope you managed to modify the post meta section?





    Continuing the below question:

    1) I want to remove below listed information (Date Posted / # of Comments / in “Category”/ by Author.) from all blog posts in my site – should I delete all that code in named file?

    2) To avoid make modifications with each theme update, I want to include that modification into Child theme, will that be correct if I copy the file loop-index.php into Child theme folder and update it by FTP or should I copy all the folde starting with wp-contentthemesenfoldincludesloop-index.php ?

    Thank you for your great support and help, Margarita.


    Sorry, continuing the ABOVE question…


    Hi Margarita,

    You can either just add that single file to the child theme (reference for quick how to or use CSS to remove those items:

    .entry-content .post-meta-infos {
    display: none;



Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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