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    I have just bought Enfold template and wanted to change the homepage slider. I thought this template would be really simple so just clicked on layerslider WP, duplicate the slide “Enfold – most beautiful theme ever” , changed the slide picture background to a new one that I uploaded to my media, It looked great and everything looked fine in the preview function. I Changed in the “homepage” to my new slideshow “Enfold – most beautiful theme ever copy” And looked at my hompage. And the site was white with a loading bar, what am I doing wrong??

    I just downloaded the new wordpress and the enfold.



    Could you please give the link to your website? If it is i don’t see a loading bar




    Yes that is the site Im working on. The loading bar shows in diffrent browsers, like in safari. If it doesn’t show it is a white page which is not right anyway…



    Have you tried creating another slide and replacing it with current one? If so, did issue remain? I’m having no problems duplicating the slide and editing then publishing it. Please let us know if issue’s still remaining.




    I did what you said now, and If you look at my site it still are not right. I tried also to duplicate your photo from the zip-file and upload it and still not working. I’m using png.


    Hi josefinhellstrand,

    My guess is that your uploads folder doesn’t have public viewing permissions for some reason on the newly uploaded files. Eg: pulls up a 404.

    Try talking to your hosting provider and get assistance with changing the chmod permissions on your wp-content>uploads folder and its contents to 755.




Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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