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    First off, I’ve got to hand it to you all—AMAZING job on Enfold! I’m coding the site for another Art Director and couldn;t have done most of what they requested without the ability to create custom DIV based CSS via your Color Box treatment. Cheers!

    I seem to be having issues in Safari with both the NAV and the background of the layerslider:

    1. NAV: Green block [driven by .avia-menu-fx CSS tweak] is not showing consistently on hover between home & about pages

    2. The background of the layerslider is seems to be buggy (gray background sometimes shows up at right of the slider). If I resent Safari, sometimes these troubles will go away and sometimes they won’t.

    Here’s a link to the current prototype version:

    (the site is behind a Coming Soon Pro) firewall so only this exact link will get you in.

    Any suggestions would be very helpful!

    Warmest Regards



    Hi Seth,

    You should go ahead and update to WordPress 3.6 since the 1.9.1+ versions of Enfold were the updates to work with 3.6. See if this fixes your initial issues.





    Thanks so much for the quick reply!

    I did update to WP 3.6 but am still having some minor issues:

    1. The top NAV hover state (should display a green block below the text as in Firefox)

    2. the left/right hover state for flyout navigation on individual portfolio entries does not appear in Safari.

    I think I fixed the layerslider background issue by forcing the html, body CSS to a background-color of #FFFFFF.

    Please advise



    1) I’m having no issues with it on my end. Try clearing your local cache or viewing the site in incognito mode to see things loaded directly from the server.

    2) Do you have an example for hits? The gallery you are using on this page for example doens’t have navigation at all



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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