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    Hi guys,

    I would like to only show the excerpt in the ENFOLD LATEST PORTFOLIO WIDGET. I know at present that the title creates the link, but can the excerpt create the link to the portfolio items?

    Also, I see theres an update. As I’m quite far down the line creating the site, what would be the safest way to upgrade?




    1) Unfortunately this is not supported. You can display a title or title + excerpt. An excerpt text with link is not supported and would require a major rewrite of the portfolio widget.

    2) For updating, you just download the theme files from your downloads on themeforest. The main package will have the theme docs, license and other files inside of it as well as the actual file that can be uploaded through the wordpress admin as the actual theme.

    You can just upload that zip using the wordpress admin unless your setup doesn’t allow writing over the files. In that case, you’ll need to upload the theme files via FTP.

    If you’ve made any changes to the actual theme files, make a backup of all those files locally. After you update, you can check the version.txt file that was in the main package you downloaded from themeforest and see if any of your modified files were changed in the updates. If so, you’ll need to re-add those changes individual instead of just writing over the entire file.


    Thanks. I updated via FTP and the version still shows 1.3.1 in the theme page in dashboard….



    After you installed the update, are you still being asked to update the theme? Version 1.4 may have been called 1.31 again by themeforest. Checking on this…



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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