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    Thanks guys, great job on this theme, it is stunning.

    On my site, the “Enfold Latest News” widget seems to behave correctly in the sidebar when viewing the designated blog page or a full blog post, correctly listing (and linking) the most recent posts. However, I have noticed strange behaviour when viewing any blog posts in archive view (e.g. kriesi.at/themes/enfold/category/images/ ), where the widget displays broken links that appear as, e.g., kriesi.at/themes/enfold/nnn , where nnn appears to correspond to the most recently-assigned WP numeric post ids.

    The WP “Recent Comments” widget functions correctly for me, although not as attractive, of course. I would prefer to use the Enfold latest news widget, and would appreciate knowing if there is a fix. FYI, I updated from v1.4 to v.1.5.1 on a very vanilla WP 3.5.1 site (i.e., only installed Enfold them, and no additional widgets at all).

    Thanks again,




    I can’t reproduce this error: http://www.screenr.com/aVHH and we didn’t receive other bug reports regarding this issue. This is maybe a client side problem (browser configuration/extension, etc.).

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    Thank you for your prompt response, Peter.

    Upon further testing, and mucking around with WordPress’ permalinks, it would seem that something weird is going on…and now also affects any ‘latest post’ widget. I have one particularity, in that the WP is located in a subdirectory on the server, not root. So, WordPress Address (URL) and Site Address (URL) differ, and looks like an issue with my WP install, not your theme or widget. Not sure why that would break things in this way, but it does. If I find a solution, will post it.




    Solved the problem — I’m such a noob. I didn’t explicitly select the categories for the latest news widget to display (as I wanted all posts to be shown). So, in archive view, it also showed everything on the site, not just blog posts.




    Glad it is fixed.



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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