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    Hi there,

    If I had one observation about Enfold, its not the most dynamic theme. For a portfolio theme there’s a definite move to more dynamically presented data and facts. eg. Zooming thumbnails on rollover, slab text animated numbers, icons to drive data facts and so on.

    For instance…

    It is over the top. There’s too much going on but I love some of the spinning slab numbers and a few of the infographics.

    Is there any move towards implementing this kind of stuff in the very near future or can you recommend a JQUERY/PLUGIN that I can try out in the theme. Ive searched everywhere and cant work out where these things are generated from.



    Hey andypeck!

    Kriesi is the second highest selling theme author on ThemeForest. Enfold is the most successful theme he has created to date with over 10k sales right now. So with a swagger of arrogance on his part I would say Kriesi has a good handle on what is popular :)

    That being said, there are already a lot of these effects in place within the theme (image animations, hover effects etc) and if you wanted to build on them you could do just as hes done with the current child theme.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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